I am a front end web developer with extensive experience working within a team of developers in a corporate environment. I specialize in bringing my client's vision to life by writing clean, standards compliant, production ready, reusable code. I am able to contribute to web projects at any point in the product lifecycle from requirements gathering and storyboarding up to final release, post release maintenance and end user support.

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Professional Development

Professional development has always been very important to me. I enjoy learning new skills that help enable me to do a better job.

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Front End Frameworks:

BootstrapMaterial DesignCSS Grid
Corporate web design is often more about solving a series of problems than it is about looking pretty. The best designs are ultimately the ones that solve the problems encountered in the most effective way. Excellence in corporate web design is usually achieved by remaining flexible throughout the development lifecycle of the project, rather than trying to strictly adhere to a "pre determined" or "pre approved" end product.