Executive Summary

Reliable, Adaptable, Resourceful, Creative.

AI Specialist/Front End Developer with Extensive Corporate Experience.

Experienced working with Visual Studio, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, SASS, CSS Frameworks, including Bootstrap, and conforming to W3C and accessibility standards. I am excited to add Webflow to my creative stack.

Front End Development experience includes gathering technical and business requirements, strategy implementation, marketing research and development, content management, photo and graphic editing, performance analysis, overall project coordination, maintaining an understanding of web design principles, navigation, content presentation, user experience and usability. Possesses outstanding communications skills, has a high degree of aptitude for quickly learning new technologies and business environments, and is capable of working independently or in a team environment. Strong expertise in all aspects of SEO including corporate SEO strategy formulation and implementation, competitive comparison, reporting and Google Analytics management.

Artificial Intelligence

Since November 2022 I have worked extensively with and gained expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has enabled me to streamline development processes and optimize code for faster delivery. I have leveraged AI techniques to conduct research, which has significantly reduced development time while ensuring that projects meet the highest quality standards. The breadth and depth of my role has expanded considerably in this area to include firm wide AI considerations.

I have written two books about Artificial Intelligence (included in publications):

AI and Law: Navigating the Future
AI Adoption: A Practical Guide for Business

As evidenced by the array of articles I've authored, from "Evaluating AI Solutions for Your Law Firm" to "The EU's Groundbreaking AI Act: Implications for American Law Firms," my expertise in AI applications within legal contexts has deepened significantly. My focus remains on how AI can revolutionize the legal sector, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities it presents.

Key insights from my work include:

  1. AI Myths and Misconceptions: Through "5 Legal AI Myths" and other writings, I've demystified AI, dispelling common misunderstandings that often hamper its adoption in legal settings.
  2. AI in Legal Operations: Articles like "Harvey.ai - The Legal AI Revolutionizing the Practice of Law" and "Embracing Generative AI in Legal Practices: A Roadmap for Ethical and Effective Use" underscore the practical application of AI in legal operations, from document analysis to predictive analytics.
  3. Ethical and Compliance Aspects: With a keen eye on compliance and ethical considerations, my writing in "Bloom's Taxonomy - A Blueprint for Future Legal AI Efficiency" and "The EU's Groundbreaking AI Act" has illuminated the critical importance of aligning AI with legal standards and ethical norms.
  4. Generative AI and Legal Innovation: Through "Unleashing AI's Potential in Crafting Persuasive Legal Arguments" and "Generative AI for Law Firms - Build vs Buy," I've explored how generative AI models can innovate legal argumentation and decision-making processes.
  5. AI Adoption Strategies: "Strategic Planning for AI Adoption in Law Firms" and "Overcoming the Barriers to Legal AI Adoption" provide a roadmap for legal firms to navigate the complexities of AI integration, focusing on change management and staff training.
  6. AI for Fast-Track Development and Code Optimization: Demonstrating practical AI applications in development, from automating tasks to optimizing code for better performance, as noted in "AI for Fast-Track Development" and "Code Optimization."
  7. Industry-wide AI Implications and Education: Articles like "How AI Will Shift Global Educational Priorities" and "Introduction to Obsidian with LM Studio for AI-Enhanced Note-Taking in Legal Operations" highlight the broader impacts of AI in education and other sectors, which are indirectly influential on legal practices.
  8. Cutting-Edge AI Research and Development: With pieces like "Advanced Research Prompts for Generative AI" and my ongoing research, I am at the forefront of exploring new AI technologies and applying them innovatively within the legal domain.
  9. AI-Powered Support Systems: In "Help Desk Support," my work exemplifies the use of AI in enhancing support systems, improving efficiency and user experience.

AI teams site: As the lead administrator for our company's AI Teams site, I was responsible for its inception, design, and ongoing management. I established a robust framework that catered to the diverse needs of our organization, including separate sections for developers, business strategists, AI prompt examples, and AI news. For the developer section, I curated resources, best practices, and forums for technical discussion. In the business strategy segment, I facilitated collaboration on AI-driven strategic initiatives and shared industry trends. The prompt examples area was dedicated to showcasing practical applications of AI, while the news section kept our team abreast of the latest developments in the AI field. This site has been pivotal in fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaborative learning across all levels of our organization.

AI for fast-track development: I have used AI to automate tasks such as code generation, image generation, and documentation generation. This has saved me a significant amount of time and allowed me to focus on more creative and strategic work.

Code optimization: I have used AI to optimize code for performance and memory usage. This has resulted in significant improvements in the performance of my applications.

Research: I have used AI to research new AI technologies and apply them to my work. This has allowed me to stay ahead of the curve and develop innovative solutions to problems.

Help Desk support: I have provided support to the help desk team by creating AI-based solutions that can automatically identify and resolve issues. This has reduced the workload of the help desk team and ensured that end users receive prompt and efficient support.

I have taken on a lead role in raising awareness about AI in the company and promoting the use of AI throughout other departments in the company. I have given presentations on AI to employees, written blog posts about AI, and developed training materials on AI. I am also working with other departments to develop AI-powered solutions to their problems.

My proficiency in AI has been instrumental in creating innovative solutions that have saved time and improved efficiency across the organization. I am confident that my skills in AI will continue to contribute to the success of the company in the future.

Social Marketing

SEO strategy formulation and implementation, competitive comparison, reporting and Analytics.


Over 16 years experience in professional website design and development. 15+ years law firm experience.


Experienced project manager and creative team leader.

Writing Skills

Extensive experience in content editing and proofing.

Web Media

Strong expertise in managing, optimizing and enhancing images and video in web-ready formats.

Attention to Detail

Excellent written communication skills. Extremely attentive to grammar accuracy, coding best practice, layout and format of content.


Excellent ability to facilitate, diagnose and troubleshoot configuration problems of both hardware and software.

Personal Qualities

Ability to learn and analyze. Responsible, respectful, punctual and manages projects diligently. Tolerance for stress. Tenacity, resilience and sensitivity.

Additional Competencies

Ability to Learn and AnalyzeAdaptability & ResourcefulnessCreativity/InnovationInitiativeJudgment & DecisivenessNegotiationOral CommunicationPresentationPlanning & OrganizingProfessional KnowledgeQuality-of-Service OrientationOngoing Self-DevelopmentSensitivityTeam OrientationTechnical KnowledgeTenacityResilienceTolerance For StressWritten Communication
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I previously worked as a school teacher and I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel extensively working as a professional cruise ship pianist.

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I have often found, in my work as a corporate web designer, that I actually have very little high level creative control over the projects I work on. More often than not, my role is that of a technical facilitator helping to bring to life and guide the creative input of multiple stakeholders.