Executive Summary

Reliable, Adaptable, Resourceful, Creative.

Talented Web Designer / Front End Developer with extensive corporate experience.

Experience working with Visual Studio, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, CSS Frameworks, including Bootstrap, and conforming to W3C and accessibility standards. I am excited to add Webflow to my creative stack.

Experience includes gathering technical and business requirements, strategy implementation, marketing research and development, content management, photo and graphic editing, performance analysis, overall project coordination, maintaining an understanding of web design principles, navigation, content presentation, user experience and usability. Possesses outstanding communications skills, has a high degree of aptitude for quickly learning new technologies and business environments, and is capable of working independently or in a team environment. Strong expertise in all aspects of SEO including corporate SEO strategy formulation and implementation, competitive comparison, reporting and Google Analytics management.

Social Marketing

SEO strategy formulation and implementation, competitive comparison, reporting and Analytics.


Over 16 years experience in professional website design and development. 15+ years law firm experience.


Experienced project manager and creative team leader.

Writing Skills

Extensive experience in content editing and proofing.

Web Media

Strong expertise in managing, optimizing and enhancing images and video in web-ready formats.

Attention to Detail

Excellent written communication skills. Extremely attentive to grammar accuracy, coding best practice, layout and format of content.


Excellent ability to facilitate, diagnose and troubleshoot configuration problems of both hardware and software.

Personal Qualities

Ability to learn and analyze. Responsible, respectful, punctual and manages projects diligently. Tolerance for stress. Tenacity, resilience and sensitivity.

Additional Competencies

Ability to Learn and AnalyzeAdaptability & ResourcefulnessCreativity/InnovationInitiativeJudgment & DecisivenessNegotiationOral CommunicationPresentationPlanning & OrganizingProfessional KnowledgeQuality-of-Service OrientationOngoing Self-DevelopmentSensitivityTeam OrientationTechnical KnowledgeTenacityResilienceTolerance For StressWritten Communication
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About Me

I previously worked as a school teacher and I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel extensively working as a professional cruise ship pianist.

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I have often found, in my work as a corporate web designer, that I actually have very little high level creative control over the projects I work on. More often than not, my role is that of a technical facilitator helping to bring to life and guide the creative input of multiple stakeholders.