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Corporate Web Designer

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Corporate Web Design

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Front End Development/UX

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Responsive Design

25+ Years Experience in Web Design/Development

AI Adoption Project Lead

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Amlaw 200 Law Firm AI Adoption Strategy

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Book - AI Adoption: A Practical Guide for Business

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Book - AI and Law: Navigating the Future

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Prompt Engineer

Experience with LLMs, Copilot, Generative AI and knowledgeable about a wide range of tools, AI capabilities and limitations.

Corporate Web Developer - Visual Studio

CMS Experience

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CMS Web Design, implementation, administration, training and end user support.

Corporate Web Developer - Marketing

Marketing Support

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Email & Event Registration

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Google Analytics

Provide support to key members of the Marketing department including the "Marketing Technology Manager" and the "Communications Manager".

AI Adoption Project Lead Role

As the AI Adoption Project Lead in a large US-based law firm, my role has evolved to focus extensively on coordinating the adoption of AI technologies. This responsibility encompasses a broad range of activities aimed at integrating AI into our legal operations effectively and ethically.

Key aspects of this role include:

Research and Strategy Development: Conducting in-depth research on AI advancements and advising senior management on AI strategy. This involves analyzing the current state of AI within the firm and across the legal industry, identifying opportunities for AI integration, and developing strategic plans for AI implementation.

Presentation and Education: Making presentations about AI capabilities to IT department members and senior management. This includes creating detailed presentations on products like ChatGPT Enterprise and Copilot for Microsoft Office, and developing executive briefs to keep leadership informed.

Implementation Planning: Crafting a comprehensive implementation strategy for AI adoption, which includes developing checklists for both the overall strategy and iterative approaches. This ensures a structured and methodical rollout of AI technologies.

Demonstration and Integration Advice: Building working demos of AI tools such as Copilot chatbots in Copilot Studio for deployment on Microsoft Teams. Advising on the integration of these products into our firm's environment is crucial for seamless adoption.

Prompt Building and Training: Devising strategies for legal professionals to effectively use AI, including prompt building for specific legal scenarios. Preparing comprehensive training materials and identifying professional development opportunities for staff to enhance their AI proficiency.

AI Tool Evaluation: Researching various AI tools, especially those designed for legal use, and educating the team on their strengths and weaknesses. This involves advising on strategies for custom AI application development and evaluating the pros and cons of different AI platforms.

Security and Compliance: Addressing data security concerns and advising on the responsible use of AI. This includes understanding the difference between aligned AI and uncensored large language models (LLMs) running locally, and ensuring compliance with legal standards.

Performance Analysis and Resource Development: Researching AI performance in legal matters compared to attorney performance, and compiling resources such as a database of attorney AI tools and legal use cases. Writing articles on topics like "How to Build a Legal Case with ChatGPT" and creating prompt templates for various legal scenarios.

Strategic Advisory: Advising on potential challenges in AI implementation, generative AI risks, and strategies for measuring the success of AI in the firm. This role also includes creating a Law Firm AI Strategy Document and researching AI strategies of top law firms.

Continuous Learning and Reporting: Completing numerous online courses to stay abreast of the latest AI trends and techniques, and summarizing key takeaways from legal conferences. This ensures that the firm remains at the forefront of AI adoption in the legal sector.

Overall, this role requires a blend of technical acumen, strategic thinking, and an understanding of the legal industry's unique needs and challenges. My focus is on ensuring that AI adoption enhances our firm's efficiency and effectiveness while adhering to ethical and compliance standards.

AI and Law: Navigating the Future
AI Adoption: A Practical Guide for Business

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Responsive Design

Responsive Design is the new norm. If your website is not responsive it probably needs to be updated. I enjoy the challenge of creating end user experiences that meet client needs and work well on any screen size or device.

jQuery/jQuery Mobile

A proof of concept was completed for a client website using jQuery Mobile. The design was eventually ported to Sitefinity to allow content administrators to maintain their own responsive web pages.


Bootstrap is created by Twitter and is one of the most popular responsive design frameworks currently in use. Utilizing the Bootstrap framework is often a good choice for clients that would like a mobile first coded approach to their build.


I have spent many years being the "Go To Person" for producing administrator training guides and end user documentation for a wide variety of business solutions.


When the training department have questions about a technology I am often asked to assist. I support intranet site administrators and help them understand how SharePoint can help them achieve their business goals.

End User Support

I am often called by the "Help Desk" to assist with a large variety of issues being experienced by end users with various technologies throughout the company.


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AmLaw magazine has ranked my current I.T. department the #1 "Law Firm I.T. Department" in the USA for several years. For large scale projects, including the external website and SharePoint implementation, I work closely with a team of skilled .NET developers. My work is extremely varied and I have gained a unique mix of experience encompassing both large and small scale projects which include every aspect of supporting the internal and external online presence of a large corporate law firm.


Webflow Logo
  • Reduce development costs.
  • Take control of your own content.
  • Faster iterations during the design review process.
  • Dramatically shorten development time.
  • Modern web applications built to industry standard best practices.
  • SEO friendly. Best in class hosting.


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Completing training courses on a wide variety of subjects is a regular part of my routine. Recent training courses completed include - Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and Responsive Design. With so many different technologies used for creating web sites today a my main focus is to be able to research the best solution for a given problem and quickly get up to speed and complete projects within tight deadlines. Recently completed all available Webflow Certifications.

Software Skills

Software skills header
  • Webflow
  • Visual Studio
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • MS Office
  • SharePoint
  • SEO PowerSuite
  • Shopify

Responsive Website

Responsive Website

This was a large scale project to rebuild an existing 3000 page website to be responsive using a new CMS framework. This project did not use set breakpoints. The responsiveness of the website was achieved by analyzing how each element in the site behaved at different screen sizes. Individual media queries were created for each element separately to ensure each element was perfectly displayed at any screen size.

Law Firm Website

Law Firm Website

This project was a major redesign of the firm website. The content was moved from asp pages to the Sitefinity CMS in order to transition the day to day management of the content from the I.T department to the Marketing department. Additional functionality was added to the website including Event Registration, CLE Training Videos and Blogs.



The firm has been through four major updates to the intranet. The first update was to move the content from an outdated Microsoft CMS to SharePoint 2007. The second update was to migrate the content to SharePoint 2010 and eliminate the need for 3rd party controls. The third update moved to SharePoint 2013 and the fourth update to SharePoint 2016. Migration is currently underway to move all on premesis content to SharePoint Online.

Japanese Site

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To help support the work of our attorneys internationally we constructed a Japanese website with similar styling to the main firm website.

Washington University Law School

Washington University project banner

During my time working as a developer at Washington University Law School I worked on a number of hand coded database driven PHP projects.

jQuery Styling

jQuery project banner

jQuery has become my 'Go To' JavaScript library for front end UX enhancements. In this example an accordion menu has been restyled.

Creative Cloud


Creative Cloud is an essential part of my work. Photoshop is used for producing comps and creating web elements.

100 Page Corporate SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

SEO considerations formed an integral part of the latest company website redesign. Every effort was made to ensure the website was optimized for SEO as fully as possible.

End User/Admin Guides

End User/Admin Guides

I have become the departmental 'Go To' person for all technical End User help documentation and Administrator Guides. When migrating to SharePoint 2007 I was tasked with creating comprehensive online help for the entire intranet. The feedback was that this was the best online help system the company has ever had.

Project Management

Project Management

Experienced Project Manager able to see projects through from conception to completion working with both internal and external clients. I have earned certificates in Project Management through courses taken in my previous employment.

Quick 5 Day Project

Quick 5 Day Project

To help support the firms Washington D.C. based Lobbying group a website was needed quickly for the initial rollout. The entire project was successfully launched within 7 days of receiving the initial work request.



As part of an initiative to drive efficiencies the firm decided to adopt a two tier approach to business intelligence reporting. I was instrumental in researching the technology, formulating an adoption plan and encouraging wider adoption throughout the firm.

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Front End Development

I highly recommend him as a partner to provide the essential help, advice and guidance needed for a successful outcome to your project.

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Pro Bono Work

I can't thank you enough for your generous contribution towards completing the responsive redesign of our website. Parents love it and we have seen a large increases in our monthly visitors!

missouri private school
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One Week Project

Professional development, design and implementation. Was able to fully realize our vision and provide the added value to our website we were looking for.

washington d.c. based political organization
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Corporate Evaluations

Can continuously be counted on to complete tasks seamlessly without fail. Is exceptionally adept at handling multiple high level priority projects. Is a self starter eager to take on new initiatives.

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